How to Unblock sites on Android Phone Method #3

  1. TUNLR

Tunlr is a mix of a VPN and a DNS service. To take advantage of this free and incredibly easy way of accessing blocked websites and media on your Android devices, follow these simple steps:

Enter the Settings menu,


and then open the Wi-Fi settings.


Press and hold the network you are connected to, to access the pop-up menu.


Click on Modify Network.


Check on Advanced Options,


and change the IP settings to Static.


Important: Before following this step, please note your current DNS1 and DNS2 addresses in a secure place. This way you can revert to these changes whenever you might need to.

Change the DNS1 and DNS2 addresses to the ones provided by TUNLR. TUNLR’s Primary and Secondary DNS addresses can change, so make sure to input the current addresses from the website.



Save the changes and you’re ready to browse all the blocked websites on your you couldn’t access before.