How to Unblock sites on your Computer Method #1

  1. TOR

Tor is a “a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.”

It’s a free software download that basically protects your activities on the Web from being tracked, and will allow you to access blocked sites.

How to Use Tor ?

Using Tor is quite simple just  download the Tor Browser Bundle from there website and follow this step by step tutorial to install it and get it working.

Simply extract the tor and click on the Start Tor Browser.


Start Screen of Tor, Vidalia Control Panel trying to establish connection with the relay network.

Go to Settings -> Network if you access Internet through a proxy.

Settings to be changed if accessing Internet through a proxy.


Now when the Tor has successfully connected to the relay network it will automatically launch a portable version of Firefox that you can use to access any blocked content available on the net. The Firefox is preloaded with a few useful extensions like No-Script and HTTPS everywhere to protect your identity.